The Turk's Mango Project

Dear all,

I just want to let you know about what has been happening here related to the mango project.

The main event was a worship service held at the site of the new fruit center at Mahatsinjo on 7 October. At the worship service, the new FJKM President, Pastor Ammi, preached from Ezekiel 36:30 “And I will multiply the fruit of the tree and the produce of the field, that you may not receive again the disgrace of famine among the nations.” After the worship service, Pastor Ammi unveiled a “Vato Fehizoro” which is a stone put in place to mark the beginning of something – in this case the establishment of the new fruit center. He also helped put in place the cornerstones for the multi-purpose building to be constructed for the fruit center. Also present at the event were the FJKM Secretary General, Pastor Marinasy; the Synod President of Maevatsara Synod, Pastor Rakotondramiarina Gilbert; two other pastors who are on the Synod Committee; the director of the FJKM Ivato Seminary, Pastor Juliette Razafiarisoa; the director of the FJKM archives, Pastor Fanja Ralison; the pastor of Mahatsinjo Pastor Harifidy Andriamanantsoa; and the mayor of Mahatsinjo. See attached photos of the event. I think it safe to say that the fruit center/mango project has strong support from the FJKM leadership.

My colleagues and I are currently working with the architect to get the final plans and budget for the multi-purpose building. It is a little larger than first conceived. Downstairs it will have a large room 9.5 m x 5 m that can serve for training sessions as well as a small storage room and a small office room. Upstairs will be 2 bedrooms as well as a kitchen. There will not be indoor plumbing; we may put in a solar panel for lights in 2017. We are working to be able to get it constructed before the end of the year. This will allow us to take advantage of this year’s planting season.

We have also concluded that it would be good to do several things to assure our water supply. The most important is to put in a pipe from a source a few km away rather than relying on the open canal that carries water shared with a number of farmers downstream. Piped water should allow us to irrigate more land as we expect the new pipe to bring water above where the current canal is. We will also need to put in at least one well for drinking water. We also want to cement in an existing reservoir. We are hoping to get the study for the gravity-fed water supply done before the end of the year and then get the system installed in 2017.

We will be doing what we can with existing funds this year. It would be wonderful if the Mango project could start contributing funds in 2017. If the Mango project could raise $70,000 over the next 5 years, that would indeed be great. Any available funds that could be sent this year would be much appreciated.

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