WRPC Becomes a More Light Church!

Our Congregation values inclusion across faith experiences, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and cultural backgrounds.  We believe it is our responsibility to bring the kingdom of God to our world through our love of and service to others.  We believe that affirming More Light makes a statement about these beliefs to the world, making clear our commitment to include all voices and value all our brothers, sisters, and siblings.


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WRPC has always strived to be a welcoming church, and more recently has focused on being welcoming to the LGBTQIA+ community.  The journey to becoming More Light began a few decades ago through the urging of Jack Cover, one of West Raleigh’s saints, who was passionate about LGBTQ+ issues.  On Tuesday April 27, 2021 our Session took the next giant step by voting unanimously to join the More Light Presbyterians and become a More Light Congregation.

Resources from Austen Hartke:

https://www.transmissionministry.com/ https://gendereducationnetwork.com/