Children of God

Written by Piper Baucom

What do we need for abundant life? This is the question the Raleigh Youth Missionaries were asked on our first night of this week-long mission trip. Well, not quite a “trip”, we’re staying in a room at First Presbyterian Church only a few minutes away from West Raleigh. However, mission has already been a major component of this week. We’ve volunteered at the Shepherd’s Table, a local soup kitchen, hung out at the Ruth Sheets Center (an adult day care center), toured the women’s center called Healing Transitions, and ran through the rain to deliver flyers to immigrant families who may need food support. These activities were interesting to me. I didn’t imagine I could serve at so many different places in my hometown.


IMG 6433Serving is one of my favorite ways to connect to God, and I think West Raleigh does a wonderful job of serving our surrounding community. The Feeding Ministry directly serves the homeless near our church. At the Shepherd’s Table, I was reminded of this. In fact, I had quite the experience there. While I was serving, a man called me by name, which was the result of wearing my nametag. I walked over to him and asked him if I could help. He asked for a cup of water, which has always been an easy task for me, but that’s not true for everyone. When I delivered it, he stopped me. He stopped me and told me IMG 6436how proud he was. Proud of me, proud of all of us who served. He told me how grateful he was. And finally, he told me he was a child of God. There was where I realized that all those people in the room, both the givers and the receivers, were children of God. All of us.

That man, he truly impacted me. The question is still to be answered; what do we really need for abundant life?

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