Old ways? Or new?

Contributed by Henry Wynands

Recently WRPC has fallen back on old ways - and formed yet another committee.  When in doubt, form a committee - right? Well the new established committee isn't all about the old ways; rather than doing things the Presbyterian way, decently and in good order, we have decided to be RUDE.  No we are not being rude to each other, or even unpleasant - we get along quite well actually.  But RUDE is the acronym for Room Use, Decor, and Effectiveness.  And if you prefer the term Room Use, that's OK too.

With the name decision out of the way, we needed to try to clarify our purpose. Two aspects were apparent:

  • WPRC, our familiar church building, has aspects that may not be welcoming.  A visitor or newcomer views the space and place differently than those of us who may have long ago accepted these aspects (or the quirks may have bothered us for years).  Ensuring a welcoming space is part of our goal. 
  • Room use and decor have not risen to the top of the list for Building and Grounds Committee very often - repairs and infrastructure improvements tend to be on the top of that list. 

So the RUDE committee was formed as a joint committee of the Hospitality and Fellowship Committee, the Administration Committee, and the Building and Grounds Committee, together with the resident experts Katherine and Marietta.  We are re-examining our space and place, and prioritizing any refurbishments.  What is the intended purpose of a particular space? Is the space furnished and decorated in order to accomplish that purpose? How does the individual space fit into the aesthetics of the entire place?  We have already walked some of the space on the first floor and have a list of ideas on what can be done (priorities?!)

The recent work to redo the church office is an example of what has already been done.  This became a priority because of the opportunity - the time window between the departure of Shelley and the arrival of a new staff person was the right time to re-paint and refurbish this room.  The painting has been completed (thanks Dennis and Udo) and some new furniture has been added.  New blinds are to be ordered, and the choice of a desk will be left to the new staff person. 

A bigger project we are planning is the childcare room.  With new babies having arrived, and about to arrive, and with the current group of young children about to transition to an 'older group' we are again taking the transition opportunity.  Do we need new play structures? Change tables? Other furniture? New colors? Carpet?  These are the questions we are asking ourselves in order to develop a plan. When there is a more complete draft plan for this space we will gather feedback, modify as needed, and proceed.

So questions, ideas, or comments? Contact Henry Wynands or any other committee members - Terry Apter, Emily Sprague, or David Vanpelt.

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