Being Home at Church

The Rick-Miller girls spend a lot of time at church. There is the usual Sunday morning, youth and family events, retreats, and potlucks that shape many of our lives; and there are frequent stops at church on our way to somewhere else because Mom forgot a book, or needs to drop-off something for someone else to pick-up, or to check on the occasional building project or sanctuary set-up. And, then there are The church meetings.

Drew and I have three children, and the older two have their own schedules, which means one or two of them come to church with me, while Drew takes the other to a game, lesson or practice. Drew also travels occasionally for work, which inevitably leads to an evening or two at church with me! They each have their own routine when it comes to hanging-out in my office – they know where the arts & crafts supplies are kept, the wifi password needed for the electronic device, and they always have access to my private chocolate reserve. They make themselves right at home on the bean bag chair or comfy couch in my office and never complain much, but of course, I worry.

Until this week, when I was meeting with Sam & Anne Johnson’s children, Leslie and Bill. They came to the church to see the restored courtyard and choose the niche in the columbarium for their father’s interment. While we sat in my office and talked, Leslie’s eyes roamed the book shelves and the floor. “I spent hours on that floor as a child,” she offered, “I would read in here, while Mom and Dad were in meetings.” They were clearly good memories – memories that connected her to church and family; the kind of memories I want for my children, memories I want for all of our children. So, thank you, West Raleigh, for inviting the Rick-Millers into this family of faith and for taking such good care of us and taking care of generations of children past and future. May we all continue to find home here – in the pews, around the tables, nestled on the couches and even on the bean bag chair in the pastor’s study!

See you in church,

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